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Why do you have to suffer so much to achieve in life?the world wasn't meant to be so,why do you allow poverty,hardship,sickness,hatred,unemployment & bad luck to take charge upon you?Life is the great indulgence-death,the great abstinence.Therefore,make the most of life-HERE AND NOW!
There is now heaven of glory bright,and no hell where sinners roast.Here and now is our day of torment!Here and now is our day of joy!Here and now is our opportunity!choose ye thi day,this hour,for no redeemer liveth! Say unto thine own heart,"I am mine own redeemer."This is according to the law of mercurious Do not believe what the christian God says you should love one another,the law of mercurious says"Hate your enemies with a whole heart,and if a man smite you on one cheek,SMASH him on the other!,smite him hip and thigh,for self-preservation.
After becoming a full member money, protection and power against physical and spiritual attack is guaranteed. Most people who have undergone through poverty without solution often misquote the bible saying "Money is the root of all evil" But read in the books of Ecclesiates 10:19 and Matthew 13:12 and again there is nothing hidden under the sun most people condom the act of prognostication, which is yet an act of phypocracy. You can see your future know your enemies and even communicate with your departed loved ones which most baby christian pastors are against. Please in the books of 1Samuel 28:7---20 about the Witch of Endor. With our crystal ball or black mirror the world is on our palm. It's time to pay your enemies in their own coins most people believe to pay you bad for the good you do to them. But I assure you such people will no longer go free for the "Law of Retaliation" is here "Do me I do you God no go vex" you shall give life for life eye for eye tooth for tooth.